George Stephanopoulus: ABC News Clinton Surrogate

Clinton Campaign Spokesperson George Stephanopoulus.

Not only did this former Clinton administration White House official–senior advisor to the president for policy and strategy–conduct a high-tech lynching during the “debate” in Philadelphia on April  16, but also for the last month or so presented highly biased reporting on the Democratic party primary campaign on Charles Gibson’s evening newscast.  This fellow slants the news from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s perspective and the candidates’ “debate” was simply the most egregious form of his campaigning for a high-level position in a possible Clinton administration.

I have never witnessed such pandering on mainstream television during a debate to right-wing nationalism as orchestrated by this fromer Oxford  University Rhodes Scholar. This was conducted during the inquisition of the Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The questions on flag-lapel fashion, Bill Ayers’s days as a weatherperson and the supposed lack of partriotism of the senator’s pastor, former U.S. marine Reverend Jeremiah Wright, were unbecoming a supposed professional journalist and frankly an unseemly waste of time.

While Mr Stephanapoulus, ABC’s Chief Washington Correspondent, did not produce the show, I noticed that Ms Chelsea Clinton and her entourage were shown throughout the debate in full colour, but none of the Obama supporters or even the rest of the audience were: it was like night-vision videography in which the audience did not know when on camera but the Clinton elites did.

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