Schaumburg Half Marathon Race in Busse Woods: November 24, 2012

Highlights besides finishing this race was running by an Elk preserve in Busse Woods where these beautiful animals were sitting and staring at the runners. Foot bridges across streams leading into crystaline lakes were also awesome. But nothing beat finishing as I had trained mightily for this. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. It was in upper 20s but I was too warm underneath the Hot Chocolate (15K hoodie) and too cold when I took gloves off. I kept putting the hood on and off, see picture below, and it was distracting but so much of an accomplishment if I may toot my own horn. It is nice to have a picture with runners behind me even though this was about accomplishing a grueling distance and not emphasising pace, but a race is a race is a race. Adrenaline flows and folks do better as a result. Why do people race? Probably for fitness; probably for competition; probably for the shirts, sweats that one gets; probably for the sense of community; I am struck at spectators with encouraging signs and shouts of “good job, you can do it.” There is a sense of togetherness that is generally lacking in athletic competition. Not so in the races in the Chicagoland area. Folks are nice, well behaved, quite fit and somewhat demure in their demeanor. For me, it has become a major event as I continue to go up the distance ladder from 5ks just a year ago to a half this time. Marathons are the ultimate test and I will run in one next year just to get the feel of it even if beyond present capacities. Clicking on the image might provide additional images of race.
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