McCain-Clinton War Grinds On: 135 U.S. Casualties in 2008

The Iraq War which only one major candidate for the presidency opposes, Senator Barack Obama (Ill), has led to the needless deaths of 135 American troops this year. Senator John McCain and Senator Hillary Clinton voted to authorise the use of military force in October 2002. The Bush administration which is guilty of war crimes under international law, but immune from prosecution due to their “defence” establishment’s power, conceals photos of caskets that arrive at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The “elites'” sartorial adornment of flag-lapel pins merely emphasise their violent nationalism in which others sons and daughters perish in this war for geostratetgic hegemony in the Middle East.

Year    Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr
2008      40     29       39          27                   135

These are real people and this is the latest American casualty of war:

04/19/08 DoD Identifies Army Casualty: DoD Identifies Army Casualty Staff Sgt. Jason L. Brown, 29, of Magnolia, Texas, died April 17 in Sama Village, Iraq.


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