N.R.A. is like a Terrorist Organisation

One wonders why the National Rifle Association has received such a prominent place in the American political landscape? Like the Klan in the 1920s, the N.R.A. is not a unique but a more focused representation of widespread values. The K.K.K. did not invent racism, lynching, anti-Catholic prejudice or nativism. The N.R.A. did not invent glorification of violence, the desire to have guns loaded and in every home, and an indifference to human suffering as a result of bullets fired from weapons.

Yet as an organisation it is similar to the Ku Klux Klan and is comparable to a terrorist organisation. It endorses the widespread dissemination of weaponry that leads to the slaughter of 12,000 Americans annually from hand guns, shot guns and semi-automatic assault rifle weaponry. It advocates in the wake of the Newtown massacre of children and six wonderful teachers and administrators, that every school have an armed police person. Many colleges and universities have armed personnel and yet mass-killings take place in those institutions as well: Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois and others.  To prevent children from being gunned down, the N.R.A. wants even more handguns and other weapons in the hands of its citizenry.

Terrorism is a much-overused term and perhaps I am guilty of it. Yet to the extent that the N.R.A. endorses intimidating anti-violence politicians, it is terrorist. To the extent that its mission is to promote gun use in the face of out-of-control hand gun violence, it is terrorist. To the extent that it deliberately and cynically distorts the OBVIOUS meaning of the 2nd Amendment, it is as is Senator Charles Schumer of NY, very ignorant and very dismissive of the constitution’s limited application of armed citizenry to a militia.

The N.R.A. promotes activities, shooting guns, shooting military-assault weapons, arming every citizen with a gun (well, most anyway) that inevitably leads to terrorism, accidents, “legal guns” ending up in the wrong hands such as mother Nancy Lanza to son Adam Lanza in Connecticut. The violence of America runs deeper and is historically more embedded than merely its latest practitioner, the N.R.A. This uncivilised gang, that did support hand-gun controls in the 1930s and 1940s is merely a reflection of a violent-crazed nation but a potent political force. Yet to move toward a more irenic, fair-minded, humane nation that can break the chain of international and domestic violent behaviour, organisations ranging from the DoD to the CIA to the NSA and the National Rifle Association require public denunciation and marginalisation for what they are: enemies of the people and purveyors of monstrous evil in a world enveloped with poverty and violence.

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