Why Senator Hillary Clinton Lost the Democratic Party Nomination for President

There are six reasons why Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, will not receive the  Democratic Party presidential nomination:

1) Senator Barack Obama–a unique and rare individual of immense eloquence, charisma and an innate capacity to draw contrasts with his opponents without bitterness and rancor.

2) The Iraq War Authorization to Use Force in October 2002. Senator Clinton’s execrable support of the war “with conviction” was a fatal factor in her candidacy and totally mishandled by President Bill Clinton’s “fairy tale” charge of alleged differences over the war with the Illinois senator.

3) Her famed decisiveness proved porous with her vacillation over a proposal by the nation’ most famous john–the despicable former Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Senator Clinton could not decide whether she approved or disapproved of providing drivers licenses to undocumented workers. Neither did Senator Obama but it was her issue initially and affected her I believe in a more pronounced manner.

4) The race-baiting by both the New York senator and the former president. This galvanised in particular a skeptical African-American community and many liberals that had been unconvinced about the electability of Senator Obama and a predisposition to support anything Clintonesque into a crusade for Senator Obama. It was no longer an issue of whether he was “black” enough but one of rallying around a series of offensive race-baiting or race-innuendo remarks by the amoral Clinton combat team.

5) The personality of Hillary Clinton: While brilliant, talented, articulate and well-schooled in public policy issues, there emerged a persona of vindictiveness, rage and anything-to-get-elected that drove down her favourable ratings and reduced dramatically her capacity to increase her base of support. Unpopular candidates with huge unfavourable ratings rarely win presidential nominations, much less general elections.

6) Her defeat in the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2008 revealed some need for revisionism of her alleged invincibility as frontrunner.

No. I don’t believe her repeated lies about narrowly escaping death in Bosnia in 1996 were significant. By then, her litany of lies and half-truths were somewhat predictable. No I don’t think the McCain-Clinton gas-tax holiday adventure was that damaging but it did lessen somewhat the racist, reactionary media obsession with the eloquent Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright.  Governor Howard Dean, chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, was spot on when interviewed on FOX News Sunday, May 4, 2008. He referred to it as “race-baiting.”

See Louisville Courier-Journal interview.

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