Current Delegate Count as of May 21, 2008 Shows Sen. Obama as Virtual Nominee

Number of delegates Senator Obama needs to secure the nomination: 62

Including the projected 31 delegates Senator Obama won in Oregon, the 14 the antiwar candidate won in Kentucky and the support of superdelegate Congressperson Joe Courtney, Democrat of Connecticut 2nd congressional district, that was announced this morning, the Illinois senator has now won a majority of pledged delegates and is just 62 delegates away from securing the nomination.

The Math

Total Pledged Delegates from Primaries and Caucuses: 3,253

Pledged Delegates needed for majority: 1,627

Total delegates needed for nomination: 2026

Pledged delegate projections from May 20 primaries:

Oregon: Obama 31, Clinton 21

Kentucky: Clinton 37,  Obama 14,

Senator John Edwards’s pledged delegates now supporting Obama: 9

Obama Pledged Delegates: 1,647.5 (20.5 more than needed for the majority)

Obama Superdelegates: 307.5

Obama Total Delegates: 1,964 

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