Militaristic, Pro-death, Pro-murder Solomon Amendment and Marine Recruiting of College Students

As a result of the Solomon Amendment, the militaristic empire now invades the last bastion of resistance to drone wars, genocide in Vietnam, the war against Islam and American-born freedom fighters daring to challenge the racist, Zionism of America. It is racist to support nuclear weapons in one country, Israel, in the Middle East but not another that might be pursing a nuclear option that is Persian. We need no nukes anywhere! Below is an e-mail that the few, the proud, the marines send to college students asking them to enlist and become the latest killers in some far off land. I am not personally excoriating military personnel. I served in the gang, USAR, but it is repulsive that they recruit college students and that universities have to provide the military with student information. Whether that information includes e-mail is an open question. Post-secondary institutions are required to provide:

(2)access by military recruiters for purposes of military recruiting to the following information pertaining to students (who are 17 years of age or older) enrolled at that institution (or any subelement of that institution):

(A)Names, addresses, and telephone listings.
(B)Date and place of birth, levels of education, academic majors, degrees received, and the most recent educational institution enrolled in by the student.

Whether universities are required to provide student e-mail addresses to the military is an open question. Yet here is the marine corps email that I would urge prospective service personnel to ignore. Maybe if they gave a war and no one came, they would stop killing. It is time to end war and eliminate, yes eliminate militaries on our planet. We can do better than this: to think beyond deterrence, realism, neo-realism, balances of power, geostrategic influence and begin to think of ourselves as humans not barbarians fighting other planetary neighbors here at home: The e-mail to students with this image of sexist, white-only (no helmets, models?) male killers in uniform:

United States Marine Corps

As a college student, you’ve begun to discover what you’re capable of. If you’ve got the courage to go further, I can help you learn about the path to becoming a Marine Officer.
With your education, you may qualify for the Platoon Leaders Class (PLC), which allows you to continue your studies while earning your commission as a Marine Officer.
– Freshmen and sophomores attend two six-week training sessions over two summers – Juniors attend one 10-week summer training session – PLC takes place at Quantico, VA – After graduation from college and completion of PLC, candidates are offered a commission as a second lieutenant -Seniors are eligible to try the 10-week Officer Candidate Course (OCC).
Send me an email if you have any questions.
Capt Fletcher Marks 800 S WELLS STREET SUITE 120 CHICAGO, IL 60607 (800) 945-3088 Office (630) 688-5081 Mobile

LEARN MORE Request more information about becoming a Marine Officer.

Becoming an officer is tough, but those who earn their commission will have the privilege of leading America’s finest warriors. What will you do with your potential?
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