Senator Hillary Clinton: The Leader of the Women’s Movement?

What does Hillary want is the new refrain as she delayed her endorsement of Senator Barack Obama? Now speculation is centering on what her future role will be as the putative pioneer for women’s breakage of the Oval Office glass ceiling: Supreme Court Associate Justice, vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket, majority leader of the Senate?  

It is true that Senator Clinton came the closest to being nominated by a major political party and perhaps subsequent opportunities for women to seek the presidency will be easier.  However, one should not forget Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Republican of Maine, who ran in 1964 in many primaries and received twenty-seven delegates at the frenetic, raucous GOP convention at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. In the Illinois primary she received 206,000 votes and 26% of the total vote! In some ways she is more of a pioneer and pathbreaker than was Mrs. Clinton. Senator Clinton is not the kind of woman I want to see as the political leader of American women or as a role model for subsequent women seeking higher office.

A) She is a warmonger, a vicious killer without conscience or affect. She voted for a barbaric, inhumane, unjust war in Iraq in October 2002. She is not qualified to lead but to be condemned for what she is: a person with blind ambition who supports mass murder to advance her political machinations.

B) Her stand on abortion was beginning to unravel as she initially emphasised prevention, reducing and finding alternative strategies for reproduction. I am not condemning that but I know she was beginning to play the bubba card and seek approval from the center-right abortion is ok, but really objectionable crowd. That is why NARAL Pro Choice America courageously endorsed the Illinois senator. They knew she would throw away women’s rights in a heartbeat if she thought it would advance her political ambitions. They knew this is not a person with values and commitment but merely a Machiavellian pursuit of power and influence.

C) I don’t want a woman as role model for other women who is a racist. Senator Clinton is a racist and there is no need to be diplomatic or imprecise here. She is a virulent racist who is the first candidate that I can recall who openly used her skin colour to advance her career. Her argument to the Superdelegates to bypass the democratic, if not the Democratic process, and anoint her as candidate due to her capacity to appeal to “hard working Americans, white Americans” should have driven her out of the Democratic party. Such a statement will not be forgotten by me and will be used as a constant reminder that Senator Clinton is a vile individual, without moral compass and is unscrupulous.

D) She is also a liar that is a quality that I don’t think “hard working Americans, white Americans” wish to emulate. Her constant invention of being fired upon in 1996 by snipers as she landed in Tusla, Bosnia with her daughter Chelsea after the civil wars there was obscene. Here we have a pampered, multimillionaire, surrounded by Secret Service who perhaps has not driven a car for decades due to her privileged status as Arkansas First Lady, U.S. First Lady and now senator from New York since 2001, using her “I am a male too you know” tough guy proof that she has been in combat as it were. On three occasions, she mentioned this sniper fire incident on the tarmac which video demonstrated was a lie. She was greeted by a young child with flowers and walked with her daugher ever so slowly across a tarmac. It was a reception not a bunker that she graced with her presence.

E) Father Michael Pfleger had it about right. There is a sense of white entitlement to this person that is most objectionable. She did believe she had the right to the Democratic nomination due to her “name” and privileged position in the party. She did resent the race of Senator Obama and as Geraldine Ferraro, another race baiter Democrat, began to play and feel the white resentment game of reverse discrimination. “Well, these blacks are getting where they are only because they are black, you know. Well Barack won South Carolina as did Jesse Jackson you know, because you know they are all black.” President Bill Clinton made a reference quite similar in substance if not in actual rhetoric to my invented quotation.

Senator Clinton I have no respect for you but only loathing. I can think of many women who are qualified to be president but you are not one of them. If you are on the ballot as vice president, I will look to see if Ron Paul’s or Bob Barr’s name is on a third-party here in Illiniois. Dr Paul voted against the war and wants to remove our troops from Europe and Korea as well. I may very well vote for  Ralph Nader. Mrs. Rodham Clinton, you do not represent progress or the advancement of womyn’s rights but more war, more dishonour, more selfish nationalism and more disinterest in the sufferings of real Americans.

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