Sami Al-Arian Persecution as Political Prisoner Continues

Former Professor Al-Arian has been treated as if this were the Stalin Era. Fired for capricious, ideological reasons while teaching at the University of South Florida; exonerated and found innocent on virtually every government charge by a jury; he plea-bargained an agreement of guilty for one innocuous charge in return for deportation. Yet this monstrous “democratic” country, with its sham self-image as spreader of “freedom and western values” among its colonial subjects in the Middle East, is determined to keep this courageous professor in jail indefinitely because he refused to testify before a grand jury. His plea bargain never required him to do so and so the unseemly prosecutors keep extending his release/deportation date because of their cynical demand for his grand jury testimony.

This is a copy of the indictment, which is nothing more than a cowardly legal run around their prosecutorial failings, since the Justice Department could not convict this former professor before an American jury. So they play this grand jury contempt game to deny him his rightful freedom AS AGREED TO IN A PLEA BARGAIN. What kind of a country do we live in?!

Al-Arian Indicted for Refusal To Testify in Charities Cases

By JOSH GERSTEIN, Staff Reporter of the New York Sun
June 27, 2008

A Palestinian Arab activist and former college professor who has been locked in a long-running legal battle with federal prosecutors, Sami Al-Arian, was indicted yesterday on two counts of criminal contempt for refusing to testify before grand juries investigating Islamic charities based in Virginia and elsewhere. For rest of article. See also George Washington University attorney Jonathan Turley blog.

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