Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Nuclear Anxieties

Before we cascade into another land war in Asia let us put the recent statements of Kim Jong-un in context. The leader of the DPRK has threatened South Korea and the United States with nuclear war and declared the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War (1950-1953) no longer in force. These actions and statements should be placed in the atmosphere of highly provocative actions by the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the US. These springtime war games with B-52 and especially B-2 stealth strategic bombers with their–sooo old–silly mission of leaving Whiteman AFB drop a few bombs and return are highly destablising and a poor display of deterrence.

Kim Jong-un and Chicago Bulls great Dennis Rodman. Give Peace a Chance.

There is no reason for the US to add to the tensions on the peninsula with these absurd, provocative, militaristice displays of power.  Kim Jong-un who might be a token leader, who knows, is obviously trying to consolidate power or those competing for influence within the military. Recognising these verbal threats from North Korea are just that, verbal, in response to real-time on the ground naval, air and land “exercises,” places them in perspective. Also senior American generals referring to the DPRK leader as a “lad” should be replaced and fired. Generals should shut-up and not engage in political, diplomatic or the lack thereof posturing. Demonstrating scorn or ageism against a leader of a sovereign state is simply the latest American rhetorical example of racism, disrespect for non-white peoples and especially those who challenge the hyperpower.

For years the DPRK has sought direct negotiations with the United States concerning trade, nuclear proliferation and issues of unification with the South. These requests began with the late Kim Jong Il and have never been reciprocated by the United States. President Obama in 2008 stated he would meet with leaders of nation-states with whom we had dysfunctional relationships. While excoriated and upbraided by the racist, militarist  (I get the “hardworking American, white American” vote) Hillary Clinton for being too soft and idealistic, at least the president could initiate direct bilateral talks through his underlings with the DPRK at some neutral site. How about Panmunjon or Geneva? Why not start bilateral talks now or at least make the effort to dial down all this rhetoric?

So before we build more ABMs or other types of ballistic missile defence (BMD) in Alaska, let us recall that the DPRK is more reactive and defencive than irrationally aggressive in its current rhetoric of threats and nuclear posturing. It is afraid and fears the United States and the “correlation of forces.”

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