Ernesto Che Guevara: Symbol of Protest

The link to Che Guevara photo:

Mr Bush has not been well received at the Argentina summit due to the violent nature of American imperialism and its efforts through free trade regional pacts to dominate trade and penetrate the fragile markets of developing nations. The latest version has been dubbed the Free Trade Area of the Americas, but unless the U.S. stops its egregious agricultural subsidies that destroys developing nations’ capacity to compete with U.S. farm trade, the idea is a sham.

When a dominant economy engages in free trade with developing economies, it is usually to the advantage of the wealthier player: at least its corporations if not its people. U.S. jobs are lost as capital seeks cheaper labour, less-restrictive controls on business and fewer environmental regulations etc.

Che was a symbol of resistance to the “Good Neighbor” who used the Monroe Doctrine to carve out a sphere of influence in Latin America not too dissimilar from the Russian cordon sanitaire from the Baltic to the Adriatic.

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