Senator Dick Durbin’s Disgraceful Vote for War in Syria

Senator Dick Durbin (Ill) who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee voted to go to war. My vote will be for another senator from Illinois in 2014. I emailed him this message and expect either to get a response from a staffer or worse a “thank you for your interest” e-mail. Illinois needs a man or woman of peace to represent it in the senate. We have a liar in Senator Kirk who fakes his military service to appear as a super murderer. An absolute liar and  now we have a progressive senator who votes to kill Syrians in a conflict that is simply not of our concern and even before the United Nations’ inspectors could file their report.

Let’s add Senator Dick Durbin to this list: a typical “progressive” and a warmonger.

I went on his website and e-mailed the following to the senior Democratic senator from Illinois. “Your vote to authorise war in Syria is a disgrace and I hope an end to your otherwise outstanding career. To allow party loyalty or personal loyalty to President Barack Obama to outweigh the moral imperative for non-violence is morally indefensible. How you could vote to kill women and children when the moral commitment to non-violence should govern your ethical actions, is a poor statement on your qualities of leadership. I have voted for you in the past and given on some occasions the maximum amount to Democratic presidential candidates, but will not vote for a warmonger. In this century our leaders need to understand the need to change history so that the future is one without senseless war and violence. I will vote against you, this time.”

I think the senator should read the UN Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact. He voted today for an explicit violation of international law and US treaties which the constitution elevates to the supreme law of the land.

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