More Kirstein Photos from Chicago Marathon

image 134806020

This image above of me in front with purple shirt, white shorts, is at the finish line. The others are waving their arms as they hit the “tape.” The fact I finished in front of other runners is kinda nice even though my objective was to cross the finish line in a major world marathon, and I did!

image 134806019

As I cross the finish line in image above of the October 13, 2013 Chicago Marathon, I checked my iPhone to see my time. During the race I used it for temperature updates and real time updates. I noticed some runners had exact distance monitorings but I just waited for the mile markers one after the other until I reached the promised land!

image 133012444

At Chinatown on the road to the finish line: four more miles!

image 139155298

On Roosevelt Road, about 60 meters from finish line, but last stretch of marathon is its only steep hill from Michigan Avenue to Columbus Drive.

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