$44 Billion for Intelligence and 12.7% of Americans Lives in Dire Poverty

International Convention Against Torture prohibits “cruel, inhuman and degrading” treatment. It was ratified, with some reservations, by the Senate in 1994.

As usual the outlaw United States seems to have difficulties in abiding by international law: even when elevated to treaty status which under the Constitution is considered a component of the Supreme Law of the land.

We spend $44,000,000,000 on intelligence which is in addition to the $440,000,000,000 or so we spend on defence. I think it is obvious that the reason why the intelligence community is so guarded about this annual budget of $44,000,000,000 is that they realise it is obscene. Basically, it is merely another waste of our limited and finite resources. We are subsidising an invisible government that wages secret wars, engages in torture around the world, violates the Geneva Convention of 1949, the Internatinal Convention Against Torture and US law that proscribes torture.

I can see why the Bush Administration is adamant in allowing the C.I.A. and other agencies such as the D.I.A. to operate outside the purview of American law. This is their way of wielding power. They will argue that “terrorists” must be forced to provide valuable intelligence on the grounds of national security. National Security is frequently the figleaf of atrocities in which this absurd phrase is invoked to perpetrate mass misery, domestic suppression and the classification of confidentiality on even the most mundane documents.

The U.S. is no longer the model of the world. It cannot claim to be the most prosperous, the most democratic, the most benign and the most advanced culturally. Things have changed and we need to understand that our nation has moved beyond defender of the free world to the greatest single threat to the stability of our world. If one were to look at the greatest threats to international stability: war, militarisation of outer space, the despoliation of the environment, the reckless squandering of petroleum resources, the attack on reproductive freedoms on a global basis, the penetration of fragile developing economies under the banner of so-called free trade: yeah right–free trade for our exports but quotas and tariffs for imports, the same country pops at the top of the list as injurious to international peace and security.

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