President Bush and Mr Bolton

President Bush should be praised for appointing John R. Bolton as permanent representative to the United Nations. He was not confirmed by the Senate and receives this position through what is called a recess appointment. The Constitution wanted the president to be able to fill key posts when the Senate was not in session. Frequently, the Senate and the Congress were on recess 8-10 months of the year.

This was due to fewer governmental duties, as well as long distances having to be covered by horse or by coach and so the Senate was usually not in session. During the time of Mr Lincoln, the Congress was generally in session only a few months per year. Recently, presidents have used this recess appointment power during brief recesses for holiday or seasonal breaks. It is constitutional and legal.

Yet my praise of the president for appointing Mr Bolton to this position is because he represents clearly and honestly the foreign policy of the Bush administration and the democrats for that matter.

1) Antagonism toward the U.N. because it represents a potential brake on American global hegemonic ambitions.
2) A thirst and desire for war and violence that will advance the neo-conservative dream of raw-material domination-O I L-and spreading the jihad of Judeo-Christian dominance.
3) A love of nuclear weapons and a desire to maintain U.S. nuclear superiority. An utter refusal to abide by or maintain international treaties that limit either vertical or horizontal proliferation of the United States.
4) A nationalist who is utterly incapable of respecting or listening to other cultures due to an ethnocentric belief in American exceptionalism.

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