B.B.C. Confirms U.S. Used Phosphorous Weapons in Falluja

Well here is another war crime in the name of the United States.

The great nonproliferator, George W. Bush, who went to war to eliminate W.M.D. from Iraq has used chemical weapons that are more ghastly than Napalm in Falluja. Note the excuses of our finest: well they were not used against civilians; they were not banned by treaty.

The military always comes up with excuses for the tactical and strategic war crimes they commit. Then when a few enlisted persons are caught violating the Geneva Convention, they are tried and sentenced. Rarely do field officers much less the senior military leadership encounter courtmartials for war crimes. (Mass murderer Lieutenant William Calley was pardoned by President Nixon who construed even house arrest to be too severe for the butcher of My Lai (1968). See photo of this slaughter by this baby killer. Yes baby killer. Does anyone wish to debate the presence of infants at My Lai? Do your homework and read about the mass murder there.

Sounds like an American version of Lidice. But then I have always found some complementary actions between the U.S. and the perpetrators of German nationalism in the 1930s. I am not equating them absolutely but suggesting that the last nation on Earth that should judge others as “evil” or should use the word “axis”, or to demand others emulate its civilisation and politics is the United States of America. Take away our guns, missiles, and obscene military spending, and you have a twisted, reactionary, quasi-democracy with extraordinary poverty, increased threats to women’s freedoms, a decline of our educational system and almost 50 million without healthcare.

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