War Criminal U.S. Administration Impedes U.N. Access at Guantánamo: Castro’s Perspective Too

The U.N. is refusing to visit the torture-concentration camp in U.S. occupied Cuba at Guantánamo because too many conditions have been placed on its access. It knows that its desperate attempts to protect and succor the abused prisoners at Guantánamo will be restricted by the invading-preemptive superpower that states that its perpetual wars are to advance human rights, democracy, free trade and freedom. All the while as it commits torture, inhuman and degrading treatment on non-white vulnerable victims of U.S. imperialist aggression throughout the world.

When the U.S. becomes identified as the only major democratic nation that incorporates torture as a component of its foreign policy, the mask is removed from what it is and what it really stands for.

Is not it amazing that all these years the American imperialists have tried to condemn Fidel Castro’s state-dominated socialism on the island without recognising that the presence of a U.S. navy base on that island has served as a deterrent for Cuba to develop a “western-style democracy?” This in part is due to its fear of the presence and destablising impact of the world’s most violent country within its midst.
It remembers the Bay of Pigs; it remembers the quarantine during the “Russian” Missile Crisis in October 1962; the sadistic and immoral trade embargo on Cuban goods–with very few episodic exceptions such as agricultural products.

According to The Guardian:

“It was revealed this week that the US has detained more than 83,000 people in its four-year “war on terror”, of which 14,500 remain in jail. Some 108 are known to have died in US custody, prompting 26 homicide investigations.”

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