Ralph Nader unlike Senators Joe Biden and John McCain OPPOSED the Iraq War

Some of the REAL maverick’s views on public policy.

Ralph Nader:

Because he is the only presidential candidate who supports:

  • Health Care that’s Truly Universal
  • Actual Campaign Finance Reform
  • Sound Financial Policies (Including the Abolition of the Income Tax for those Earning Under 50k a Year)
  • An End to the Iraq War and the Foreign Policy that Brought it About. Why did Senator Barack Obama, who parlayed his 2002 opposition to the Iraq war as his primary issue in defeating the prowar, militarist Senator Hillary Clinton, then cynically select Joe Biden who also voted for the Iraq war? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • An End to the Corporate Strangle Hold on US Politics.

So there’s the issues. There’s that.

But beyond even that, you need to donate to the Nader campaign today because he is the only candidate capable of broadening the discussion and actually governing.

Not just running for office while in office, but actually governing. Showing up every day, trying to make people’s lives better.

What’s at Stake:

Q: If on your first day in office as president, you had one trillion dollars to spend, what would be your priorities?

    A: [My priorities would be]:

  1. I’d rebuild public works – all those things underground. Mass transit and public transit should be built in city after city.
  2. I’d do more to abolish child poverty.
  3. I’d upgrade preventive health care.

That’s what’s on the table:

  • Food
  • Health
  • and Infrastructure

Those are the stakes. Those are the stakes, and the system’s broken.

Help us fix it.

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