On Soldiers’ Alleged Benefit From Being Casualties of War

This article from the prowar Washington Post deals with alleged psychic benefits that war confers on its combatant victims. The article does contain disparate views but I think most soldiers would prefer not to be injured or maimed even if some get a post-traumatic growth effect. Those physicians and other researchers who study the effects of war on soldiers should insure that they are assisting the casualties not developing research and other strategies so this violent, horrid imperialism as manifested in continuous war becomes even more palatable or efficient to conduct. Our soldiers are not guinea pigs to be manipulated and evaluated so the next generation or the next combatants can handle the agony better. While that may have short-term benefits, the immorality of war is such that professionals, particularly physicians and psychologists, must not fall into the trap of both identifying with the suffering and being mesmerised or supportive of the barbarism that gave rise to their patients’ trauma and injury.

Those who study the victims of war, soldiers and/or their kill, should look at the wounded and say to themselves. “This is intolerable to put our citizens in this barbaric exercise of killing for greed and profit.”

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