Venezuela’s Assists America’s Poor; The Nuclear Option

Venezuela, one of the world’s most progressive and humanistic societies, although not a utopia, is assisting impoverished Americans, particularly those in Massachusetts, with the exporting of heating oil at reduced rates. CITGO, which is owned by Petroleos de Venezuela, is returning some of its profits back to the U.S.

Unlike American energy corporate giants, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s CITGO has a human face and is concerned about the plight of those who have an economic incapacity to afford heating during a Northeast winter. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be lauded for this action.

There is speculation that Venezuela is attempting to purchase a nuclear reactor from either Brasil (Portuguese spelling) or Argentina. Certainly under the N.P.T., such action is legal. Yet as the U.S. continues to assert that only certain nations may possess W.M.D. or develop nuclear technology, and others cannot, it serves as a disincentive for those nations, who have disputes with the United States, to abandon conceptually or actively the pursuit of a technology that could deter American imperialist aggression. The U.S. seems to ignore that its actions, A.B.M. destruction, refusal to ratify a C.T.B. (test ban), its Alaskan based mini star wars ballistic missile defence are merely stimuli for some nations to explore nuclear assets and development.

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