Does Mr Bush Really Want A Powerful Iraqi State to Contain the Insurgency?

So the strategy of the Democrats is to support an indefinite continuation of the war. Senator Barack Obama is typical of a centrist senator who wants to be seen as a critic of the war and yet a supporter of continued violence in the name of measured withdrawal. The reason I did not vote for him in the Illinois primary, is that he told the Chicago Tribune editorial board that the U.S. should consider war against Iran if other non-proliferation measures did not work. He even said bombing Pakistan, what an irresponsible individual this is, should be considered a strategic option if its nuclear arsenal fell into the hands of a government unfriendly to the United States. Unlike his opponent, conservative Republican Ambassador (to U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 1983-1985) Dr (Ph.D. Harvard in Government) Alan Keyes, Senator Obama did not support slave reparations and the abolition of the income tax for African Americans. I do.

To return to the Obama–who I recognise is a talented and emerging voice in American politics who opposed the invasion prior to the war as a state senator–Biden, Clinton prowar component of the Democratic party. Let’s say the U.S. does train Iraqi military and police units to combat the resistance against the American occupation. If that is successful, the U.S. would have equipped and trained a military that would be quite powerful and under the control of a government that would be anti-American.

If the U.S. were to leave after the insurgency was reduced, due to a robust and well-trained Iraqi military and police force, this supposedly militarily-potent Shi’a government would say, “thanks for the military, the equipment, and the training” and now we will use it to create a balance of power in the region with Iran against the Zionist forces to the west. Now I am suggesting that the Bush administration realises this unintended consequence and that they DON’T want an independent government bristling with its new American-trained and equipped military forces simply because the U.S. would never bequeath such a juggernaut to a country which they know both despises and has conflicting national interests with the U.S.

Yet maybe the national security elites are indeed that unsophisticated, given the war they have perpetrated, to build up a military, leave the country and then suffer the consequences of a state perhaps more powerful than its predecessor–particularly if aligned with Iran.

Therefore, I am betting that the Bush administration will not leave Iraq, is going through the motions of creating a powerful Iraqi army and will want to exert continuous influence over Iraq so as to steal their oil, dominate the Persian Gulf and carry out policies that appear to be anti-Palestinian.

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