Welcome United States Senate Sergeant at Arms: Peace!

I think it interesting that three of the hits to my blog came from:

U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms
StateProv: DC
PostalCode: 20510
Country: US

They accessed my site from using an Icerocket search engine for “Obama.” I had commented critically on the Illinois junior senator earlier in the day in the posting directly beneath this one.

I welcome any and all visitors to my site and yet was bemused with the thought that member(s) of the Senate constabulary search blogs to see what is being said about U.S. Senators. I consider it a perfectly appropriate use of the taxpayers’ dollars to visit my website as part of your work day. Maybe it will instill greater wisdom and ethical sensitivity within the national leadership!!!

To the U.S. Sergeant at Arms: “Let freedom ring and debate and disagreement intensify over the disastrous war policy perpetrated on the American people by UNITED STATES SENATORS FROM BOTH PARTIES. They authorised this disaster and gave Mr Bush Congressional authorisation for war and destruction.”

Blog site visitors cannot be identifed by name or computer. I have no idea who a specific person is who visits this site. Yet every hit does contain a time, the Internet service provider sometimes and how someone accessed my site like the one above. This also appears on all hits: URl Referer UserAgent. It will contain some information which I really don’t understand too well. Mozilla, Firefox, stuff like that and what AOL version one might be using.

Many universities leave the name of the institution as the source of the hit. Some don’t. I get quite a few hits from Europe and Asia but again I do NOT know who specifically is accessing my site. I also feel users of Blogs should know what information is left behind. That is part of my mission to create transparency and openness as we increasingly become vulnerable to data collecting and misuse of information.

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