Welcome U.S. Naval Academy: Please Return!

A visitor to my blog left this IP. The visitor was interested in exploring the issue of Just War and proportionality and accessed this previous blogging explication of the war crimes being committed by the U.S.

OrgName: United States Naval Academy
Address: 290 Buchanan Road
City: Annapolis
StateProv: MD
PostalCode: 21402

This blog, highlighted above, the Naval Academy visitor consulted. I doubt when Mr Bush spoke there in November, there were too many people in the audience that were willing to challenge directly the Connecticut native on his war policies that has caused massive damage to a nation that was not a strategic threat to the U.S. and has directly created thousands of dead Americn military personnel. All for reasons that had nothing to do with “terrorism”, nothing to do with the spread of democracy and which has disgraced this nation as did the Vietnam war.

I am pleased that this IP suggests there are some free thinkers at Annapolis who are willing to leave the secure, insular world of the officer corps and visit websites that are opposed to the current military operations in Iraq and elsewhere.

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