Statistics on Iraq Terrorist War

Over 15,600 U.S. military personnel have been wounded.

You would think the military, which has a budget of about 1 trillion dollars a year if you really add it up, D.o.D., N.A.S.A., D.O.E., Intelligence, Iraq War, N.S.A. etc., would pay the soldiers it sends to do its dirty work a reasonable salary. This is what the cannon fodder gets and people debate whether the poor working class enlists in greater numbers than those from more comfortable backgrounds. There was some rounding of numbers.

Private First Class (P.F.C.), 3 year service $25,600. Unbelievable exploitation of these grunts.
First Lieutenant, 2 years, $33,000 Now these are officers who are in the field not the pampered elite warmongers who travel first class and meet with the leaders of nations or are ensconced in the Green Zone or in the Pentagon.
Sergeant Major, 22 years, $64,200
Colonel, 22 years $100,500. Why does he or she make $36,000 more a year than a Sergeant Major? The latter has probably been in combat, driven Humvees, ate that MRE’s out of tin cans, slept in a tent or in a barracks? I tell you. We have more officers than snow flakes in Chicago and only the officer corps–or some of them–receive decent salaries within the military.

Army units who are subject to a hidden stop-lost draft and repeated mandatory reenlistments or extension of service are deployed in country for 1 year.

Marines, which should be abolished since their duties are either duplicative of the army or simply irrelevant in today’s world, are deployed in country for 7 months. Join the marines; the tour of duty is shorter!!

As of November 21, 2005 47 women military personnel are K.I.A. In Vietnam, the total was eight. The war advocates are right! There are differnces between the Vietnam genocide and the Iraq crusade for neo-conservatism and expansive imperialism. The body count is higher for women.

The Iraq disgrace is robbing the U.S. people of $195,000,000 per day.

Through October the Bush-Democratic war party expended $251,000,000,000 from the American people to wage this outrage.

The entire Vietnam War cost $600,000,000,000 accounting for current U.S. dollar appreciation and inflation since the war.

Other nations have sent their soldiers to die for American imperialism too:
U.K. 98
Italy 27
Ukraine 18
Poland 17
Bulgaria 13
Spain 11 (they have withdrawn their military personnel from U.S. crusade against Islam)

Data from The Nation, December 19, 2005. Commentary from Professor Kirstein. My salary is less than the colonel’s above but more than the sergeant major’s. In fact it is in the middle of that range. Very, very few college professors with the years of service equivalent to that colonel even approximate his or her level of compensation.

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