Ward Churchill Academic Freedom Trial Begins

The Ward Churchill trial begins after his ideologically inspired firing from his tenured professorship at the University of Colorado in Boulder on July 24, 2007. I received these items from Criticalthinking, a progressive organisation dedicated to preserving academic freedom and thwarting militant pro-defence hawks who seek ideological uniformity across academia.

Here are two blogs that will be keeping up w/ the trial: The Ward Churchill solidarity network at http://www.wardchurchill.net/ and The Ward Churchill Trial website created by Ben, one of his ardent supporters:  http://wardchurchilltrial.wordpress.com/.  Today was the trial opening and the beginning of jury selection.  Here are the Denver Post articles written so far: http://search.denverpost.com/sp?keywords=Ward+Churchill&aff=3&searchbutton.x=0&searchbutton.y  =0&searchbutton=Search.  

Dear Friends and WCSN Supporters,

Ward Churchill is suing the University of Colorado because CU fired him on pretextual grounds, in violation of his First Amendment rights. But more importantly, he’s suing because this case will determine how easily schools across the country can purge professors who challenge the status quo.

We need your help! Lawsuits are expensive. We are raising money for legal expenses – /filing fees, deposing witnesses and obtaining transcripts, plane tickets for witnesses outside Colorado, copying and compiling evidence and exhibits.

All donations will go to attorney David Lane and be used only for direct expenses associated with the lawsuit. 

You can donate to the legal fund directly from the WCSN website at www.wardchurchill.net  or 

by clicking here: donate button 

(You do not need a paypal account.)

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