One Blogger Ed Strong Believes Ms Dowd is Just Another Centrist Liberal

Maureen Dowd Is The Orthodox Liberal

Googling Past the Graveyard, [see next post below please] today’s column by Maureen Dowd, is a pretty shallow analysis of bin Laden, the so-called terrorist threat, and that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has distracted the Bush Regime from the really important task of capturing bin Laden and destroying Al Qaeda.
Maureen Dowd puts it like this:

The White House has always seemed less compelled to capture Osama than to use him as a pretext for invading Iraq and as a political selling point.

Karl Rove, coming out of his “please don’t indict me” crouch, tried to chase away the taint of the Abramoff scandal with a new round of terror-mongering for 2006:

“We need a commander in chief and a Congress who understand the nature of the threat and the gravity of this moment. President Bush and the Republican Party do. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many Democrats.”

So why did the White House set aside the gravest threat of all?

This approach to foreign policy is what I fear most about America. Suppose Bush and the Neocons hadn’t invaded Iraq? Suppose they had focussed on the terrorist threat? America would still be at war. The bombings in Pakistan would still have taken place.

America would still be pumped up with self-righeous certainty. They would hunt down the mujahideen to extinction, just as the native American was hunted down because he attacked peace-loving white settlers.

America scares (expletive deleted) me. Liberals are almost as bad as conservatives. No one asks why there is radical resistance among Muslims, why 9/11 was inevitable, why America is hated so much.

No American can face these questions, just as they are still unable to face the genocidal tactics used against native Americans.

After all, they were the barbarians. White settlers were bringing civilization. America deserves the likes of Bush and Cheney. They are caricatures of the American way.

So, Maureen Dowd, get off your smug liberal pedestal and radicalize your politics. But, then, you’d probably lose your prestigious position at the NYT. No wonder the radical left gets so pissed off. We feel the enemy isn’t right but liberal. [Ed Strong]

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