University of Texas to Host Antiwar Conference

Despite the general conservatism in American higher education, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, this conference may end the war–it would be nice but I concede is of minimal probability–and create an awareness in academia of its historic mission to act as citizens committed to peace, justice and humanitarianism.

Antiwar Conference with Professor Kirstein to be held in Austin, Texas.

Defending Democracy and Civil Liberties, 3:30 – 5:15
Chair: Ben Alpers, University of Oklahoma
Jeffrey Kerr-Richie, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, The Empire Strikes Back: 7/7 and the British War in Iraq
Peter Neil Kirstein, St. Xavier University, Campus to Courts: The Silencing of the Left in Wartime
Saul Landau, Media and War (not yet confirmed)
Jana Lipman, Yale University, Guantánamo: Legal Debates, Human Rights, and Labor

FRI-SUN – 17-19 Feb: Historians Against the War Come to Austin!

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