Wikipedia: Links Me As Source on U.S. Supreme Court

Wikipedia refused, due to their careless disregard of accuracy, to make corrections in my biography, has linked a post I wrote on the Roman Catholic majority on the Supreme Court. It is located at the bottom under “External links” and my link is, “A Roman Catholic Supreme Court Majority.”

Wikipedia in their biography of me erroneously alleged I was placed on sabbatical as punishment after my improper, draconian, and unprofessional suspension for antiwar beliefs strongly uttered in an e-mail to an air force academy cadet. If they had any knowledge of academia, they would know that sabbaticals are not punishment but highly competitive paid leaves to do research or some equivalent academic project.

I had been granted a sabbatical in the Spring of 2002 well before my October 31, 2002 email to Cadet Kurpiel. I was suspended from November to December 2002 with barely four weeks remaining in the semester due to public demands for an auto da fe. Of course no one cared about the students and the disruptions these innocent bystanders had to endure with replacement instructors. No, the suspension was to feed the hunger pangs of a lynch mob opposed to free speech, opposed to my rights to denounce American imperialism and thought they could silence and intimidate me!!!!!!!

It was just a coincidence that the sabbatical followed my suspension. I have written them about this mistake and they simply ignored it. So I would caution visitors to their website not to believe everything you read in Wikipedia; I expressly prohibit students from using this source in research papers due to its inconsistent record in achieving accuracy.

Others have noted this and even the elite press has carried articles about the lack of Wikipedia accuracy and its possible demise.

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