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“ericthered” who keeps linking my blog received this response to his concerns about conservative students being lorded over by liberal professors.

I think some students believe they have an entitlement to have professors who share their ideological beliefs and some become irate when that does not occur. When I debate David Horowitz in a week, I intend to emphasise that professors have no less academic freedom in their classrooms than their scholars. Students may express their views and so can their professors! I am disinclined to worry about students who demand ideological compliance with the current order and who attempt to undermine those professors who are resistant to ideological conformity.

As long as student voices are heard, respected, encouraged and never sanctioned or punished, then my advice to Students for Academic Freedom and their confreres. Bust your backside, get a Ph.D., apply for a job, get hired and write your OWN syllabus and select your own reading list. Quit complaining about widespread tying of Communist Manifestos around your precious little necks and that you are being ravaged by 10,000s of Leninists and Trotskyists who plot the destruction and overthrow of America. Students are not babies who are brainwashed by bullying, terrorist professors.

To students: if you feel you are being evaluated unfairly due to your conservative ethos, consult your student handbook, then discuss the situation first with the professor, then if that is not resolved go to her chair. Remember also if you are uncomfortable with a professor, this is not high school, and just pick another prof’s class!! Chill down and remember if you want democracy, then expect different views to come at you from all sorts of directions.

Comment by Peter N Kirstein — March 16, 2006 @ 5:12 pm

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