Professor Kirstein to Speak on Iraq War at Amnesty International Event

I will speaking at an event sponsored by Amnesty International on the Iraq War in Chicago on April 19, 2006. Amnesty International is one of world's leading human rights organizations and monitors U.S. terrorism with its tortures, renditions and killing of POW. While many nations are appropriately monitored by Amnesty International, I presume, given the lawless arrogance and muscular militarism of the U.S., that it must be a significant challenge to pressure this rogue nation to conduct itself with decency, respect for human rights and international comity. When the nation that pontificates the most about spreading democracy and human rights is one of the world's greatest threats to those ideals, one can only surmise the task is great, the challenge is awesome but the struggle must continue.

This event, where I will denounce and oppose American war crimes in Iraq, will be held at Homewood-Flossmoor High School. The event is called "Forum on Iraq: The State of the Occupation" and will include other academics as well. It is an honour to be associated with an A.I. sponsored event and, hopefully, we can advance the cause of peace and justice in a society that is so utterly determined to attenuate it.

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