Navy Technician Calls me “Liar” and “Propagandist”

SERE stands for Survival Evasion Resistance Escape. All departments of the imperialist forces train with this interrogation nonsense including the navy at Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine where my interlocutor is stationed. These folks “practice” torture, barbaric tactics of cruelty and softening, sleep deprivation, physical abuse, walling, temperature alteration and other cruel and inhumane tactics forbidden under international and even US law. Devised in the 1950s due to torture against Americans in Korea, SERE’s reverse-engineered torture so Americans could learn it as practitioners or as the party line says survive it. I am certain that at one time they also practiced waterboarding but have no evidence that is occurring now even as part of their training. The US is the world’s leading rogue state and its most violent threat to international peace and security. I find it ironic that it trains its personnel to overcome these cruel and degrading practices given the fact the US is the main perpetrator of these foul deeds. A Freudian might say this is a case of national projection of its evil ways onto others: Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Extraordinary Renditon, Guantánamo death camp, criminal Iraq and Afghan wars in general.

From: Luedke, Barry T IT1 Faso, SERE []
Sent: Tue 6/30/2009 6:28 AM
To: Kirstein, Peter N.

Hey Pete,

By the way, nice propaganda blog about me on your website:
That’s the problem with liars like you. You distort the truth. I never said anything about “loving guns”, yet you put that right under my name. It is both funny and pathetic at the same time. You claim to be a history professor? If you knew anything about history, you would know that socialism, and the way you think have not only been complete failures, but were responsible for the slaughter of millions of people. There were others in history who thought the way you do. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Lenin. Have you ever heard of them? They were responsible for the deaths of nearly 80,000,000 people. I think you can learn a lot from history. If only you would enlighten yourself to truth instead of propaganda and lies.

IT1(SW) Luedke
Brunswick, ME


From: Kirstein, Peter N.
Sent: Tue 6/30/2009 10:35 AM
To: Luedke, Barry T IT1 Faso, SERE

Dear Barry Luedke:

I think calling me a “liar” does not contribute to the dialogue between those of us who are antiwar and those who are more bellicose. However, I think you fail to differentiate between democratic socialism, fascism and communism. Socialism or even Marxian communism does not envision a strong central government with dictatorial powers and the absence of a civil society. Indeed socialism emphasises equality, freedom with a vital state supervisory role.

In the US we unfortunately are not as far advanced in achieving socialism as other countries but we are not totally lacking. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pell Grants and the stimulus package are examples of using the state to create a more just society.

So try to avoid sensationalising, as if you were FOX news, what socialism is and what it is not. I think your quotation of your entire first e-mail indeed reflected love of guns and the use or threat of force and destruction to achieve peace. I believe I adequately described your message.

BTW: Norman Thomas was a dear man, a wonderful person. He was not a warmonger, a lover of dictatorship or even a communist. Many of his views by the way did become practice as we moved, however slowly, toward a more socialist view of society with less competition and more cooperation.

Yours against American militarism.


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