Baby-Killers at Haditha; “Collateral Damage” as Inappropriate Term to Conceal the Horror of the Killing and Even Targeting of Noncombatants Including BABIES

This entry appeared in a blog apparently presented by another COWARD blogger who is afraid to identify him or herself. Note the title of this blog in comparison.

Peter "Baby Killer" Kirstein is Back

Peter Kirstein, the professor who called a (sic) Air Force Cadet a baby killer, is back. He's still babbling on, spouting propaganda.

Here is what he says about the supposed increasing suicide rate among the troops in Iraq – one of the left's favorite subjects. He does not link to his sources; he just presents the data as if he expects to be believed (or maybe because his sources are so bad)

His data is different from what CNN reported yesterday. Guess which way the data error goes?

The whole truth is here.

It's a dirty rotten shame that professors are now positively toxic to their students.

Professor Kirstein Responds:

Some marines, like the Third Battalion, First Marines out of Camp Pendleton in California, do kill babies and other innocents as seen at Haditha, Iraq in November 2005. This is proof that baby-killers are in the military–not all, some are honourable and deserve our support and empathy. Haditha which I have reported on before is a city in Iraq where mass murder by marines took place. It is very similar to My Lai in Vietnam that was one of the most egregious, and barbaric violations of the laws of war in modern military history. This current massacre of civilians at Haditha has been covered sparingly in the press but Time magazine deserves appropriate recognition for keeping this event alive. A recent more current story is in Marine Corps Times on the expanding investigation in which even officers have been relieved from their command due to Marines slaughtering innocent BABIES and civilians before their lying and coverup.

Although I had the right under academic freedom to send a private e-mail to an individual in response to SPAM and call the sender a baby-killer, I did not engage in that opprobrium.  I discussed tactics! I wrote in my October 31, 2002 e-mail:

"You and your aggressive baby-killing tactics of collateral damage."

I stand by that and maintain that the military frequently attempts to conceal either direct or wanton attacks against civilians–including babies– not governed by military necessity. The use of the term "collateral damage" is typical of an arrogant terrorist nation that has killed more people in unjust wars than any nation on Earth since World War II. Well collateral damage is the killing of innocents; to use such a term as if it were inanimate, as if "damage" and not "death" resulted is cowardly and dishonest. The human person should not be dehumanised by Pentagonese and reduced to  things as what happens when the professional solider equates military actions as a clinical, professional activity that is accompanied by argot as if it were an academic discipline.

Thou Shalt Not Kill!!!!!!!! Guess what?? I will continue to speak the truth as I construe it and denounce the horrors of war and folks can write books calling me dangerous. It makes no difference. Suspensions don't work!! Intimidation does not work!! Reprimands don't work!! I stand on principle and believe I have the right and the duty to speak out on issues of importance that affect our nation and the international community.

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