Zacarias Moussaoui, A Minor Player in the 9/11 Attacks on CONUS, Appropriately and Morally Spared the Death Penalty

Hopefully the decision by a federal jury to reject the Department of "Justice" demand for execution of Mr Moussaui, who was in prison DURING the 9/11 attacks, will accelerate the growing revulsion in the United States against the immoral and evil death penalty. Mr Moussaui knew virtually nothing about the September 11 attacks and to think arrogant and xenophobic DOJ prosecutors sought the death penalty is revelatory of the moral bankruptcy of the prosecution. The jurors knew this man was not guilty of a capital crime and was again in PRISON THREE WEEKS BEFORE the planes struck the Manhattan towers, the headquarters of American war planning in the District of Columbia and the ground in Pennsylvania.

Here in Illinois the former glorious and magnificent Governor George Ryan commuted the sentences of all death-row inmates. Such glorious action is consistent with courageous Illinois governors such as John Peter Altgeld who pardoned the life sentences of three of the Haymarket Martyrs in 1893. Samuel Fielden, Michael Schwab and Oscar Neebe. While Governor Altgeld did not commute death-row inmates, his actions did free those Haymarket Martyrs who were spared the hanging at the Cook County jail yard and at least derivately affirmed those executions were immoral and the trial of these progressive anarchists was rigged and the antithesis of due process.

If the U.S. had murdered Zacarias Moussaoui it would have placed the nation at the same level of criminality as Mr Moussaoui. As Europe has gone in abandoning capital punishment, so must the U.S. The death penalty narrows the gap between criminal and state that punishes. To kill for purpose of revenge is unseemly. To execute to demonstrate that killing is wrong is immoral and utterly inconsistent with logic and decency. The U.S. is a country that adores murder, war and power. Yet there is a growing sense that execution is not the appropriate means to deal with crimes that are on a mass scale, target innocent victims and hence are indiscriminate. May the day be not too distant when the death penalty is eliminated in this country.

There is also a certain lack of consistency in that Mr Bush and the criminal outlaws within the national security leadership are not only spared the death penalty but also are apparently immune from even an indictment for war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity that have been committed on a far more horrendous scale in Iraq than the attacks on New York City on September 11. To think that Zacarias Moussaoui might have been executed for a crime related to the wars between civilisations and no accountability would be levied against American war leaders, would have added even more ethical uncertaintly and illegitimacy to an execution. I might add If Osama bin Laden and Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri were ever apprehended, I think the International Criminal Court would do well to have war-crime trials for them and for senior American officials including Mr Bush. What a wonderful day it would be for world peace and international security if finally an American president would be brought to justice for actions of mass murder and aggressive war.

Of course the rogue nation, America, does not even belong to the I.C.C., so as to eschew any international legal constraints on its wars of empire and racism.

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