Was West Pointer Timothy R. Kuklo, M.D. A.W.O.L.? Military Veteran Lin Noomis Believes He Was




From: Lin Noomis

Sent: Wed 7/15/2009 1:36 PM
To: Kirstein, Peter N.
Subject: Kuklo issue

I read you[r] blog with interest. The numbers/math are very surprising. As a veteran, I know that employment outside of the military requires approval from superiors. Apparently he did not have this. Also, Kuklo did not leave the military until March 2007, yet was full time at Wash University in Aug 2006. it is impossible to accrue enough military leave to cover this time span. The maximun consecutive accrued days of leave possible is 90 days, thus if he retired March 1 07, the earliest he could have left Walter Reed would have been Dec 2006.

It appears he was AWOL and triple dipping (Army pay +Medtronic pay + Wash University pay) all at the same time. This all points to a very elaborate thought out plan to make money – unethically. I wonder why the AWOL issue is not discussed. The dates make it impossible for him to have followed the rules.



The New York Times which has done yeoperson work on this case has frequently consulted and visited my blog to obtain information about this scandal. A little reference to my blog or a link might be warranted since I have worked this case for several months too. I have frequently linked and cited the Times so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. However this has been for me a mission to preserve the integrity of the Wash U medical school which was a central part of my family life and protect patients from the egregious venality and unprofessional machinations of one Timothy R. Kuklo, M.D., J.D.

Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine responded to a Congressional inquiry. They determined that Dr Timothy Kuklo did not reveal his pecuniary relationship, during his tenure with the university, with Medtronic prior to conducting research on Infuse. The latter is a protein bioengineered bone-growth product for which the physician-attorney falsified its positive effects during treatment of Iraq war lower-limb casualties. This was an attempt to generate profits as part of a Pay to Fake scheme.

Dr Kuklo, a Georgetown University educated lawyer, is on a paid leave of absence but unconfirmed sources indicate he will not be returning to full time duties at the  university in the fall. Whether he will resign or be fired is apparently the duality of his impending separation from the university. As a tenured faculty member, he can only be fired for cause: certainly falsification of research, forging the signatures of putative co-authors and concealing his financial dealings with Medtronic certainly rises to the level of moral turpitude which is a classic cause for revoking an academician’s continuous tenure.

The military has determined that while on staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dr Kuklo did not receive or request permission to publish articles on Infuse. The army has a regimen of publication  protocol which the fake researcher simply shirked. Now the issue of A.W.O.L. has been raised by this contributor.

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