Iraq War: Where Are the Antiwar Fathers?

Where are the fathers of dead women and men soldiers who have died in Iraq denouncing this unjust and disgraceful war? Surely it is not merely women who are enlightened enough to recognise that this war was not fought for the American people or for their children. It was fought for oil, to establish an empire in the Middle East, to do in part the bidding of Israel, to satisfy revenge for the alleged assassination plan against Bush I, to create a Napoleonic hyperpower that can rule the world. The neo-Conservatives who planned and carried out this war knew Saddam was no threat to the American people. They knew he was not involved in Sept. 11 and in fact they had planned this war as far back as 1997.

Our “liberal” press seems obsessed with grieving mothers over the loss of their children. Yet surely there are fathers too who are equally opposed to this war. They are your kids too. Are the mothers the only ones who recognise the monstrosity and evil of this war? Are they endowed with a sense of justice that men are not? Is it considered unmanly for a father to protest the death of a soldier son in war? Is it merely the press’s gendered emphasis on grieving mothers and not fathers?

I think it is courageous for these women to denounce this war. Now I hope antiwar fathers will also assert themselves as we try to end this madness and withdraw all American forces from the region.

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