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I wonder if West Point or any of the military academies has a historian who could be construed as antiwar. While David Horowitz rails against the alleged bias in the humanities and the social sciences and even includes me as one of the 101 most dangerous professors in the U.S., seldom does their critical analysis apply to the curriculum of the academies. I question whether cadets at these academies are granted the academic freedom to disagree with professors, or to examine skeptically their material and develop critical thinking skills. I wonder if officers who educate their students have a conflict of interest. They undoubtedly inform them of officers' power to command troops and demand obedience and yet does that culture extend to the officer's sphere in the classroom? I hope not.

When I was suspended for daring to write a vitriolic denunciation of war and the military in response to a cadet at the Air Force Academy, I did hear that many classes at the academy in beautiful Colorado Springs discussed my case. I laud and applaud that if it did occur. I also praise the professional manner in which the Air Force Academy attempted to adroitly prevent my being censored and sanctioned for patriotic incorrectness. My battle is not with that elite institution.

Yet are progressive politically-engaged professors hired at West Point? Are people with my views ever allowed to lecture or visit these institutions even as guests? It would seem to me that the call for ideological balance, whatever that means, should be applied to ALL institutions of higher learning in the U.S.o.A., ok==USA!

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