JUST RELEASED: Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Voices, and Viewpoints by Roger Chapman


November 6, 2009

SXU professor publishes encyclopedia articles

Peter N. Kirstein, Ph.D., professor of history, published two articles in the just released, Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Voices, and Viewpoints by Roger Chapman, editor, M.E. Sharpe Press, 2010. Kirstein’s articles are on the topics of “J. Robert Oppenheimer,” the physicist who directed the atomic bomb project at Los Alamos and “Academic Freedom” as a developmental concept beginning in Europe in the 18th century at the University of Göttingen.

The publisher describes the 800-page encyclopedia with the following:
Although openness and inclusion are cornerstones of life in the United States, intolerance and reactionary politics are also very real. Culture Wars addresses the key defining issues of contemporary American society through the lens of political and social controversy.

Featuring hundreds of A-Z entries and several photos, the set examines the history and relevance of the issues, events, controversies, personalities, groups and concepts that have contributed to the political and social polarization of American society over recent decades. It details hot-button topics as well as the role of the media in defining and shaping these issues; everything from abortion, the Christian Coalition, the environmental movement, feminism and gay rights, to illegal aliens, pornography, stem-cell research, Watergate and zero tolerance. A topic finder, bibliography and index add to the set’s utility.

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