Don’t Forget Hamdaniya, Where More Marine Marauders Disgraced Their Country and Uniform.

In Hamdaniya several Marines took an unarmed Iraqi civilian and killed him. The allegation in the Hamdaniya case is that Marines kidnapped an unarmed Iraqi man April 26, 2006 after invading his home and shot him to death without provocation. Seven Marines and one Navy corpsperson in that unit were taken out of Iraq and put in the brig at Camp Pendleton, Calif., pending the filing of any charges against them.

Marines took Hashim Ibrahim Awad al-Zobaie from his home. The civilian was 52 years old and had a bad leg. He was shot four times in the face. Then the cowards put an AK-47, which is an assault rifle used initially by Socialist armies and their allies in the Cold War, by his side next to a shovel. The first was to "prove" he was part of the insurgency, the latter was to demonstrate he was planting a roadside bomb. He was neither a fighter nor a bomb detonator but a human whose life ended in his native land by monster imperialist forces. Yet I think why were these marines sent to Iraq? Had they not been sent, they would not have murdered and possibly ruined their own lives. I do feel a sense of sadness that marines join out of patriotism, are sent and brainwashed to kill for the man, do terrible deeds, victims die and they are punished, and the "man" walks and talks and is driven around in black limousines and interviewed by the press and treated like celebrities and power idols. For full story see.

Zarqawi used brutal tactics in his war of liberation or if you prefer insurgency against Shi'a and American forces. Yet American military personnel have also engaged in horrific crimes as well. The distinction between American and insurgent rules of engagement narrows by the hour as we see what this All Volunteer Force is doing to the people of Iraq. Both Zarqawi and Mr Bush have blood on their hands and unfortunately for those of us that take pride in our country, most of it is on the hands of the American government.

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