2500 K.I.A., $319 Billion Wasted and Iraq Has NO Government.

The Congressional Research Service has released a report that the cost of the war has cost the American people $319 billion, with expenditures now totally about $8 billion a month. This is what the United States is wasting on a war without end in a country that does not even have a functioning government.

The Bush administration is attempting to demonstrate that victory, while not at hand, is inevitable eventually due the election of a so-called national unity government of Kurds, Shi'a and Sunni, that practically had to go through the phone book to name ministers of defence, interior etc. This is no government despite the election and America should leave Iraq and end the killing.

The government is in the Green Zone.

It is virtually a prisoner inside the American fortress.

It does not function outside of this heavily fortified area where the generals of the imperialist forces, the diplomats, the Iraq senior governmental officials live.

Even during the Diem, Khanh, Ky governments in South Vietnam, they had offices, they had a presence throughout the South at least in larger cities such as Saigon, Danang, Hue, Quang Ngai where the Vietcong was not in control. In Iraq, the government is tucked inside a fortress because they would all be killed if the government ventured outside this area.

A parallel: The US was invaded. The invader overthrew the government. The American people rebelled against the invader. The invader created a government of Americans generally aligned with those who were not overthrown through regime change, and hid inside a well-fortified area in the middle of Washington while suicide bombings, I.E.D.s were detonated all around the perimeter. Dozens of people were killed each day in Washington and then the invader's president from a distant country sneaks in the capital, gets inside the 'Green Zone' in DC, meets for a few hours with this rump government and then sneaks out of the country.

A government as there is in Iraq is a chimera. It exists inside a little oasis in downtown Baghdad and cannot provide electricity, gasoline, security, tax collection, or other basic services to the real people, those who live outside the American cocoon of the Green Zone.

How many Americans are expected to die for this? Who speaks for the soldier and their impossible mission? Who brings them home so more Iraqis don't die at their hands?

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