American Hero Jane Fonda: Went to Hanoi to “Cut and Run” from Genocide.

This image is from her 1972 peace trip to Hanoi to give aid and comfort to the vulnerable children and women dying from American bombardment. I posted an earlier encomium on this hero’s momentous 1972 wartime save-the-children mission to Hanoi, North Vietnam. This will be remembered as one of the greatest moments in which a celebrity contributed to ending a war, saving innocent Vietnamese from cowardly Air Force strategic bombing and showing the world that not all Americans are supportive of patriotic crusades for capitalism and world domination. 

If you are a veteran or active duty, you should honour her and recognise her importance in trying to end a war and save lives. Who today will speak to Osama bin Laden who has offered frequently to negotiate with the European Union and the US? Who today would have the courage to go and directly speak to our adversaries? The criminals in our government who are directly responsible for the needless deaths of 3,000 US military personnel must be stopped, and someone, like a Jane Fonda, reach across the bridges of hate and war and seek peace and reconciliation. Jane Fonda is one of the great figures of the 20th Century in terms of private citizen contributing to the public good. Who today would take her place in this current war for oil, geostrategic penetration and radical Zionism?

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