Anti-democracy flag burning ban defeated, 66-34, by one vote in Senate.

“The Congress shall have the power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.”

The flag does not need protection; freedom of speech does. Cowardly Democrats are also to blame for their lack of respect for the flag, like the arrogant Senator Dianne Feinstein (Cal), who has no sense of justice and respect for dissent. If the flag represents freedom and democracy and one prohibits desecration, that in and of itself is debasing the alleged meaning of the flag. Shame on those who would vote for such a vile amendment and thanks to the 36 Senators who spared us from this travesty.

Those who wish to ban flag desecration wish to ban protest and dissent. G.O.P. members of Congress have tried for years to squelch legitimate protest through this anti-free speech, anti-first amendment, anti-bill of rights effort.  66 Senators voted for it which was one short necessary to sent this bestial effort to destroy protest to the states. The states would assuredly ratify it and the Constitution would be changed. The Supreme Court ruled in Texas v Johnson in 1989 that flag desecration, which rarely happens in the U.S. was protected speech and was constitutional.

It is repulsive to think that a near super majority of Congress would pander to emotion and link it to supporting the troops. I think troops want to believe they are dying and being wounded for American democracy not as pawns in the game of ruthless members of the Senate and House who wish cynically to use their deaths to ban protest against the policy that leads our troops to death and injury.

“According to the Citizens Flag Alliance, an association of veterans’ groups that favor an amendment, 13 cases of flag burning or vandalism were reported across the country last year and there have been four so far this year.” Quotation from the Washington Post. 

To amend the Constitution, two-thirds of the House and the Senate have to approve. Then three-fourths or thirty-eight of the State legislatures would have to ratify the proposed amendment. The president is not involved under the Constitution in this effort.

For the record. I have never burned an American flag or any other flag but consider it a legitimate form of protest that is protected speech.

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