Flag Burning Protection Heroes and Unseemly Politicians

I would like to recognise the three Republican Senators who had the courage to vote on June 27, 2006 against this egregious effort to amend the constitution and to deny Americans the right of lawful protest in burning the American flag.

Bob Bennett (Utah)

Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island)

Mitch McConnell (KY)

These are the fourteen cowardly, disgraceful Democratic Senators who do not appreciate that some of those who die on the battlefield believe they are doing so to protect our freedoms from alleged threats from abroad. Yet those who voted for war (force authorisation), as many of those below did, have no hesitation themselves to deny Americans the freedoms that they claim our soldiers are dying for. 

Max Baucus (Mont)

Evan Bayh (Indiana)

Mark Dayton (Minn)

Dianne Feinstein (California) a real hypocrite and fraud.

Tim Johnson (South Dakota)

Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)

Blanche Lincoln (Ark)

Robert Menendez (N.J.)

Bill Nelson (Florida)

Ben Nelson (Nebraska)

Harry Reid (Nevada)

Jay Rockefeller (W.Va)

Ken Salazar (Colo)

Debbie Stabenow (Michigan)

I am neither condoning nor condemning the burning of a replica of an American flag but I am condemning anti-democratic, cowards who are willing to throw away the right of legitimate, peaceful protest to get votes and prove their patriotism. Traitors may be a more apt description to describe those who wish to destroy the Bill of Rights and the constitutional protection of free speech.

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