Members of 101st Airborne: Rapists, Murderers, Defilers of the Dead in Mahmudiya

This is the latest atrocity that is being prosecuted involving Private First Class Steven Green and others who are part of the Fort Campbell, Ky.-based 101st Airborne Division. The murders took place in Mahmudiya, about twenty miles south of Baghdad, on March 12, 2006. A woman, Abeer Qassim Hamza, was raped and murdered and her father, mother and sister were shot dead in their home by these invaders.

Mr Green had already been discharged from the Army for unspecified mental causes. I wonder what they were and whether the United States military knowingly turned a sociopath loose on the streets although I am assuming his discharge preceded knowledge of this specific incident. Had he abused however, others before his dismissal and why was he discharged without apparent punishment?

Yet there are greater ramifications other than repeated acts of war crimes by our military personnel as we were told an all volunteer force would be more "professional" and "efficient" than conscripts. War corrupts all militaries:

Are we superior to North Korea and the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Are we really noble warriors who wage war with professionalism and honour?

The fact that much of the world sees us as using terror to defeat "terror" is part of the problems the U.S. faces when it uses diplomatic means to advance its interests. U.S. esteem is so tarnished that the world could care less if America is upset by North Korea's weapons' programme, ballistic missile or nuclear, and Iran's developing nuclear capacities. Our security interests are more difficult to gather coalition support for whether it is in Iraq, Iran, North Korea or even Afghanistan.

A superpower that invades countries, commits atrocities, refuses to punish senior military officers or civilians with war crimes, tortures, builds death camps at Guantánamo, defies the civilised community in waging ruthless, unjust wars cannot expect multilateral support of its policies.

We may think our nation is just; we may believe we are superior to others; we may believe that only the U.S. is entitled to nuclear and other W.M.D., but increasingly the world is turning its back on us and ignoring our entreaties to engage in crisis after crisis and crisis. The world wants peace, we want war, or at least engage in it more frequently than others, except for Israel, and have lost the respect of much of the world. That is the reality. Our only weapon is the bomb and the missile and that simply isolates this rogue nation even more.

We expect China to assist us in demilitarising the D.P.R.K. Yet we bash China repeatedly over Taiwan, their alleged undervalued currency, their desire, GOOD heavens, to industrialise and use more petroleum as if we alone are entitled to this raw material and their trade deficit with the U.S. which helps thwart inflation. We will possibly at some point use them as the next villian, the next Soviet empire to maintain our thirst for conflict and power dominance. So why should China, fearful of a mass refugee crisis from North Korea, seek to tame or disarm an adversary of the U.S? The chickens come home to roost. We think we can dominate the world militarily; when we seek alternative diplomatic tools, the world rejects us because of their disgust of the former–our use or threat of military force on an almost daily basis.

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