Hurricane Katrina

It is sad to see such devastation. I spent time in New Orleans, Pascagoula and beautiful Dauphin Island. So many of the destitute are poor minorities and other races, who were least capable of evacuation prior to the event and most vulnerable in taking care of their lives in the aftermath of such a cataclysm. We should focus on how social stratification can be a matter of life and death in not only events such as this but also in life generally. We need to do more than help these suffering peoples; we need generally to create a more just society where Americans do not live in poverty and in despair while American monies are wasted on a military empire in a rush to destruction. Trillions, that could go to Americans, are simply squandered in a cowardly manner to sustain the military global establishment since few politicians can summon the courage to question such madness.

Also the unrelenting development of housing in areas that should lie pristine invariably reduces nature’s capacity to contain nature’s great weather events. People live on fault lines and in the potential path of hurricanes. Some national policy that balances environmental preservation and human’s unrelenting march to live everywhere should be effectuated.

I believe that in part the capacity to repair the Gulf Coast and restore some stability to its residents will be retarded due to the nation’s lack of resources and priorities. How many military personnel are in Iraq who could help out in the Gulf Coast area? How many vehicles and other equipment items are in Iraq that could have been used here?

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