Israel, Gaza, Lebanon and U.S. Interests

The US condemns Syria and Iran for the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Apparently only the U.S. is entitled to a coalition in the region and efforts of the Palestinians to do so is linked to "terrorism." Three Israel Defence Forces have been captured, two by Hezbollah and one by the Palestinians. Israel has invaded two countries as a result: Lebanon, which it departed from in 2000 after a brutal eighteen year occupation, and Palestine. Such aggression is beyond any possible moral justification. It is worse than Saddam's incursion in Kuwait in 1990 and is consistent with the U.S. murderous invasion of Iraq in 2003. The U.S. needs to understand that its war against Islam is to a large extent generated by the Arab perception that the U.S. does not value Muslim life as it does Israeli.

For the record: the taking of soldiers is not a war crime but is common in war. The Israeli soldiers are POW and while they must be treated humanely under the Geneva Convention, the detention of enemy combatants is a long and legitimate tradition in the course of war. Israeli soldiers are not children and should not be construed as so precious as to merit such massive military overreaction.

I think the U.S. is so hardened in its war against Islam that as during the Cold War it cannot make distinctions between legitimate and other forms of aspirations. The Israeli military kills Arabs with impunity. They refuse to allow a Palestinian state. They refuse to disband their concentration camp barrier that snakes through the occupied territories particularly in the West Bank. The U.S. construes Israel, that uses American materiel against an enemy without Apaches, without tanks, without artillery, as an ally in its war against Islam. It is not; the horrors, refugee displacement and brutal killings by Israel have certainly motivated Al Qaeda in its plan of attacks against the U.S.

The U.S. cannot expect its refusal to stop Israeli mass murder against the virtually defenceless Palestinians to advance its interests. The world knows that the crimes against the Palestinians is an Israeli-US product. American national interests requires that Israel abandon All settlements; that it cease invading Palestinian land; that it tear down its wall. That it negotiate directly with Hamas and Hezbollah. Diplomacy must be an option in resolving international disputes.

Does Israel really believe it had the right to invade Gaza, destroy its electrical grids, bomb its bridges, kill civilians, rampage through the desolate strip of land on the Mediterranean, kill Hamas political leaders elected  by the people because of one soldier? Is that soldier's life worth more than all the Arabs they have killed? Is his life so precious that any means can be used to attempt to secure his release? Does the taking of two soldiers in the North justify Israeli invasion and attacks in Lebanon? No Israel has violated the just war notion of proportionality in which force being used is indiscriminate, excessive and not justified by military necessity and the precipitating action. No single soldier merits this type of mass destruction. It is immoral and a disgrace to the sinews of civilisation and military decency.

The disproportionate amount of damage done to Israel is miniscule in terms of life and property. Israel because of American largesse, is an armed superpower that brandishes its American-made weapons with indiscriminate force. The Arab insurgents see this, they plan counterattacks, they attack US interests from New York to Washington to Africa. The U.S. needs to understand that Israel and the U.S. do not have identical national security interests and that the war against Islam is not based on different ideologies and different views of freedom and democracy. To a large extent it is the product of oppression and brutal military action and a bias of the United States toward Israel that borders on racism and a failure to understand the plight of the Palestinian, Lebanese and other Muslim peoples.

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