Israel Air Force Pilots: Remember Your Past

As I look at southern Beirut, I recall the strategic bombing during World War II. Cities bombed directly. Those IDF pilots should ditch their aircraft in the Mediterranean before engaging in acts of ruthless slaughter. They should recall the plight of the Jews in which many innocent civilians were killed in the German campaign of relocation and mass slaughter. It has come to this. A country who has occupied Arab land for half a century, has three soldiers captured, while it holds 1000s of innocent Palestinians and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS OF PALESTINE, orders its pilots, who have no manhood or valour, to bomb Shia areas of Beirut. This kind of extermination bombing is what those of us, not afraid to criticise Israel and their persecution of innocent Arabs, have studied and observed since the Irgun or Stern Gang of Palestine mandate days.

As I look at destroyed bridges, destroyed office buildings, entire neighbourhoods ravaged by those cowards who fly those American built aircraft, I think of Dresden, of Hamburg, of Köln. I think how can those pilots fly those missions and feel no remorse or guilt for the babies, women, and thousands of innocents who did nothing to them except pray to the god and subscribe to the religious belief shared by Hezbollah?

Air force pilots who bomb indiscriminately, no matter what the pretext, are not brave and not heroes. They are simply murderers following orders of murderers. If I had been given an order to commit mass murder against civilians when I was in uniform, I assure you I would have declined to carry out an illegal, immoral order.

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