Dr Norman Finkelstein Banned from Chicago Speaking Venue

Norman Finkelstein had been scheduled to speak in Chicago on April 16 at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 2701 N. Sheffield Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60614.  I include the address for informational purposes only in case one wishes to communicate respectfully their concerns and not for any other purpose.

Supposedly it were the Greeks who invented a quasi-democracy and now they fall into goose-stepping conformity in suppressing a man from speaking on the suffering agonies of the Palestinians. Shame!! Despite the fact that Dr Finkelstein is Jewish, family members were interred in camps built by Nazi Germany during World War II and he is an internationally known advocate of human rights and diversity, he has been banned by the virus of the Palestine-suffering taboo.

The scourge of repression and censorship, while hardly surprising when ecclesiastically imposed, after all look at many components of American religion today, is nevertheless to be reviled and condemned. I had been aware that Students for Justice in Palestine at DePaul University and other campuses were attempting to bring the Princeton-trained humanitarian back to Chicago. Now apparently that visit may be in considerable doubt due to the lack of a venue.

This sad journey into night is quite propitious. A former colleague of Dr Finkelstein, Dr Matthew Abraham, will be speaking on the topic of academic freedom and the Palestine Question at St Xavier University on April 5.

Hat tip to John Wilson e-mail.

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