The Irrelevance of American Diplomacy in the Middle East

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, of course, is delaying her visit to the region so more Muslims can be killed by Israel. When this warmonger arrives to the region is not relevant. The days of Camp David are over. The days of shuttle diplomacy are over. The U.S., an occupying power of colonisation in the Middle East, has lost its capacity to bridge the divide between Muslim and Jew, or western and Middle Eastern. Because of its invasion of Iraq, the destruction of that country and its support of Israeli colonisation in Palestine and now in Lebanon, it is the last country in the world that can contribute to the peace process. 

American diplomacy is motivated by race, money, power and violence. Such guiding principles I have known since I began studying the history of this country. However, only since the end of the Cold War, and the U.S. refusal to use this epic event to advance the cause of international peace and stability has the world finally grasped the bankruptcy and hypocrisy of American ideals and democracy.

The crisis in the Middle East is beyond America’s capacity to control or dominate. Maybe before Iraq, before American ground forces were sent as crusaders, there could be episodic cases of American diplomacy leading to some irenic outcome. Until the U.S. is willing to insist upon a two-state solution, withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, Golan Heights, West Bank and ALL of Lebanon no peace is possible. Until the U.S. withdraws from Iraq, develops a policy of unconditional negotiations with Iran and Syria, no peace is possible. Until the humiliation of Arab and Muslim peoples ends with western utilisation of overwhelming military force, peace is not possible.

After World War II, decolonisation was resisted by the U.S. This was seen in Vietnam and now seen so palpably in the Middle East. Hezbollah, Hamas, while violent and radicalised, as the U.S. and Israel, are fighting for decolonisation, a goal that was embraced by virtually the entire world following World War II. Apparently, the U.S. and Israel believe it is a virtue and will pay a price for this that will escalate as oppressed peoples continue to resist occupation and mass murder by white-imperial powers.

Not all Israelis support the government's military campaign

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