C.I.A. Visits Web log: Are They Planning “Extraordinary Rendition” or “Waterboarding?”*


Someone had Googled "Frank D. Wuterich" and saw a link to my blog. I suppose the C.I.A., one of the most vicious and extralegal organizations in the world, feels a certain amount of empathy for the Baby-killers at Haditha. The C.I.A. kidnaps folks and sneaks them in the dark of night into a "damp dirty prison" in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and possibly Poland. They invade countries like Italy, although I wonder how unaware their government was, and surreptitiously hunt down and remove suspected "terrorists." They tortured and killed people at Abu Ghraib like Manadel al-Jamadi and developed "interrogation techniques" that violated the Geneva Convention and the laws of war, not to mention human decency and morality. 

Any organization as secretive as the C.I.A. can only pose a threat to American democracy. They do not protect us. They do not serve the national interest. They do not conduct themselves in a professional manner but are spies and some are murderers. Yes many of them merely analyse and interpret data and are far removed from psyops or field operations, but several within the agency have noted they were politicised by Vice President Dick Cheney and others who wanted them "to twist" the intelligence to justify the barbarous invasion and crusade against the Arab Nation in general and Iraq in particular. 

*Waterboarding is when a C.I.A. operative or whomever takes a P.O.W. or other non-resistant, helpless prisoner and terrorizes and forces him or her underwater, simulates drowning and then raises the poor detainee right before the person would die or need oxygen. It is a terrifyingly brutal form of torture that America is so proficient at.

I welcome all visitors to the blog even those whose organizations are deleterious to the international community's search for peace and diplomatic efforts over mass-murder and invasions of other lands.

OrgName:    Central Intelligence Agency
OrgID:      CIA-1
Address:    OIT/ESG/DSED
City:       Washington
StateProv:  DC
PostalCode: 20505
Country:    US

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NetHandle:  NET-198-81-128-0-1
Parent:     NET-198-80-0-0-1
NetType:    Reassigned
RegDate:    1997-02-11
Updated:    1998-03-30

RTechHandle: ANM3-ORG-ARIN
RTechName:   Central Intelligence Agency
RTechPhone:  +1-703-874-5401
RTechEmail:  edsn@ucia.gov

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