Reflections on Mr Ned Lamont’s Primary Victory in Connecticut


Ned Lamont's primary victory over Senator Lieberman is one of the few antiwar political victories that one can identify in this over-militarised, power-elite driven nation. Senator Lieberman is an obscene hypocrite who called President Clinton  "immoral" for having a non-consummated sexual relationship outside of marriage but asked the president to campaign for him;  Senator Lieberman's hyprocrisy is also manifest, in his calls for "morality," since he is a cheerleader for the Israel lobby and is so consumed with hatred of anyone who dares defies Israeli colonisation or ethnic cleansing, that he supports mass-murder, preemption and the continued subjugation of Iraqis, Palestinians and Lebanese.

The broader issue is understanding that Senator Lieberman's prowar, irresponsible position on the use of force is quite mainstream. He is not a fringe neoconservative but well within the nexus of the Democratic Party. He was supported ardently by the Clintons, the Dodds, the party bosses as it were. So can Ned Lamont's stunning victory be replicated in other challenges to the imperialists within the Democratic war party and force it to adopt positions that are not merely politically calculated but moral? Can this irrelevant party, at least in terms of developing alternative strategies and visions to demilitarise America and move it into the concert of nations, be flexible and caring enough to seek a moral compass that differs from the Republican vision of empire, racism and wealth accumulation?

Let us hope so but meanwhile let's take a day or two and savour the Lamont victory. If Senator Lieberman wishes to continue his campaign for reelection as an "Independent Democrat" that is his choice. Party loyalty means nothing to me; it is a sham and the senator need not concern himself with that. Yet, his thirst for power is such, that in 2000 he ran simultaneously for Vice President and Senate as a hedge against losing his privileged status as a man of power and influence. So he will do anything to keep his office and hopefully this egregious senator will be humiliated and defeated again. Sweet dreams for me tonight.

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